Why Shopify Vs. BigCommerce Is A Tied Match

For you to run a successful e-commerce website, a lot of emphases should be put on finding the best platform. That is why Shopify vs. BigCommerce usually causes most online investors to take more time before launching their business. That is because; these platforms have more similarities and are promising the users a better experience. It’s good to know that today; you don’t need to be an online expert to become an e-commerce guru in the United Kingdom. That is because; platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce have made it easy for people to get into e-commerce because;

They are user-friendly

One of the best things about using Shopify and BigCommerce is that you will find it easy to get everything where it is supposed to be. That’s because, to be able to use the platforms, all you need to do is to know how to read. The good thing about this is that it allows everyone the chance to express and present their business online fully. More so, nobody wants a complicated dashboard full of numbers and patterns that will take years of study to understand. The usability of Shopify and BigCommerce has made them be the choice of many e-commerce investors.

It’s also crucial to know that when it comes to integration, it is imperative that you remain with a managing system that works for you. Know that not so many people understand how integration works. However, it is good to know that having a single control panel for your online and real store is the best option. With several dashboards, you will be finding yourself putting more focus on one each time hence making it hard to manage your business comfortably. With Shopify for example, all you have to do is log in to your account and get access to all data from online and real orders.

They are user-friendly

The toughest part about running an online business is keeping the hackers away. According to reports, hackers make away with billions of cash every year from e-commerce websites that are not keen about how they need to safeguard their business. It is good to know that a good e-commerce platform should be one that can ensure that your business and customers are protected.

When you compare between Shopify and BigCommerce, you will realize that both platforms offer hosting services for their clients. It is imperative to know that the kind of servers used by these two platforms to host websites is modified for e-commerce. That means that they can support anything to do with e-commerce. From ensuring that your site is secure to looking into it that the site is functioning well even when there is high traffic, these servers do the most for any e-commerce website.

Some e-commerce platforms in the market don’t provide hosting for their users. This requires the user to find an alternative hosting company. The danger of this is that some users go to the wrong hosting companies that are conversant with offering e-commerce domain hosting. That is because; they fail to conduct extensive research before setting out to launch their business.


Selling is simplified

Selling products online should be a natural process that does not stress the seller. Things like updating the website with new products are some of the ways that customers can tell that your products are selling. That is why, it is vital that when choosing an e-commerce platform, you go for one that allows for easy product management.


Additionally, a good platform should help you sell in the sense that it should provide you with sales channels. Some of the main reasons why it is hard to decide whether to use Shopify or BigCommerce as your e-commerce platform is because they both allow you to sell on other platforms like social media.

By doing this, not only is the e-commerce platform protecting and safeguarding your business, but it is also helping you find new clients in other strategic places. It is also good to know that Amazon is also a sales channel that you can use with Shopify. The convenient little features that help push products are relevant because when your business grows, you will need a fast moving inventory.

Other things like SEO9 also come in handy if you want to sell online. That is because you need to be at the right place when your customers are searching for your services on search engines. However, with Shopify or BigCommerce, you will have access to SEO and other online marketing tools that will give you a shot at the top of the search engine results. It is good to know that performing SEO is a long process and without the right tools to help you implement your strategy, you may find it difficult to catch up with the competition.

When customers land on your website, one of the things they look for is a reason to come back. That is why, it is critical that when you have an e-commerce website, you make sure that it is perfectly designed. That means the user will find it easy to navigate plus the colors and images used are perfect for the eye. With Shopify, you will get pre-designs themes of websites that you can easily edit and build the site that you desire. The good thing about this is, you have the freedom to do anything you want with your design to keep your customers coming back.


The future of your e-commerce business dramatically relies on the kind of e-commerce platform you decide you use. That is why it is essential that proper research is done before you choose a platform. Additionally, you may want to take a keen focus on the tiny details about your business. It is good to know that in as much as Shopify and BigCommerce have close similarity, deep down they have small things that set them apart making them suitable for specific kinds of e-commerce websites.



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